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Current Residence: Hell
Favourite genre of music: Japanese Punk Rock!!!!!
Favourite style of art: I like OC drawings. They are always so creative ^_^
Operating System: Vista (Eeeeeeek!)
Personal Quote: I want to be your Egg Salad!
  • Listening to: The fish tank filter lol
  • Reading: Nothing interesting
  • Watching: My cat stare at the fish
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: An empty glass of coke :(
I´ve stole this from:

Who is...

1. Your loudest character?
Probably Vincent. He tends to shout rather than speak most of the time. He also dresses in the brightest colored clothes lol.

2. Your shyest?
Andrew. He barely ever says a word to anyone, and when he does it kind of squeaks out becuase he's worried about what everyone will think of him.

3. Your angriest?
Phoenix. She has a lot of pent up anger. She tends to yell and scream at basically everyone that does even the slightest little thing to piss her off.

4. Your horniest?
Lol, That's definately Ryan. He will go for anything that has two legs (and something between them lol)

5. Your poorest?
Laney. She lost everything when her mother died and has been working three jobs just to be able to afford to go to College.

6. Your richest?
Phoenix and her dad Michael. Her dad used to work for the government and she pretty much has gotten everything she's ever asked for.

7. Your craziest?
Amber. She's Laney's best friend and housemate. She's forever coming up with the strangest ideas, and she never fails to make anyone laugh.

8. Your weirdest?
Christian. He's the Gayest of all Gay men. He wears the strangest outfits and is always eating new combination's of food. He is also very energetic and is borderline psychotic at times. Yet he still manages to befriend every new person that he meets.

Who was...

1. Your first character?
Tianna.She's based on someone I met in RL who just inspired me to write my very first non-fanfic story.  

2. Your most recent character?
Sarah and Simon, the royal twins. They were actually inspired by me using TekTek to make avatars for GaiaOnline. They haven't really developed much just yet, but I do have ideas running through my head for them :D

List three of your characters, and three traits they each possess.


She is very much a goth, although she doesn't like to admit it.
Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her friends at the Pool Hall.
She loves Apple and Cranberry Juice.

2. Laney
She is Phoenix's sister (although she doesn't know it yet)
She wants to be a professional photographer
She loves animals of all shapes and sizes.

3. Christian
He is very much a gay guy and he is proud of it
He has twelve siblings (Including step brothers and sisters)
He really loves match-making.

Out of all your characters, who are you most like?
I don't think I'm like any of the OC's I can name off the top of my head, but I do love Phoenix and Laney the most. Probably becuase they are the two main characters from one of my latest projects I've been working on. That and they are so fun to write about becuase they are so different to each other :D

Do any of your characters have pairings? If so, then list a song for three pairings that fits.

Tianna and Alex (Although they aren't together yet) - Endlessly by Muse

Jordan and Peter - Forever and Always by Bullet for My Valentine

Christian and Vincent - RuPaul - Love is Love (The lyrics fit in perfectly with their relationship becuase it's criticized by everyone who doesn't know them.

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